An innovative design for improved dairy efficiency.

Innovative design

Ezi-flo Pitgates were designed by Waikato Dairy Builders and are a patented design that is being used worldwide:

They provide a more effective way for cows to leave the parlour
They completely clear exit ways and cannot be touched by cows as they leave the milking area, this means less damage to both herd and gate
As there are two gates, the exit is cut off quickly providing efficient drafting.

Stronger with less maintenance

These gates are the strongest in the market. They have fewer moving parts and are fully galvanised.

For new and existing dairies.
Ezi-flo Pitgates open high above the breast rail allowing cows to swing their head under the gates to exit. Ezi-flo Pitgates require less height than other gates from the concrete to the roof for fitting.

Pre-assembled delivery.
The gates are pre-assembled for easy installation. Because they are pre-assembled they are cheaper to install.

Advantages over other gates.

Single Gates have all of their strength on one side and are easily bent
Some single gates do not clear the breast rail and sometimes after cows’ heads get stuck behind the gate. You are required to bend the cows’ heads around the gate for them to exit
Exit problems caused by some cows learning to put their heads down against the inside flank of the cow in front of them and push are alleviated
Some single gates require more height in the shed for installation.